Do Cat Repellents Affect Hedgehogs?

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I received a message from Emily in Kent telling me she has an hedgehog currently hibernating in a hog house they set up last summer.

Like many gardeners I have several devices set up around my yard to try and keep cats out of the kids sandbox and away from my vegetable plot. I don’t bother with them during the winter as there’s nothing growing and the sandbox is in the garage for the winter.

It occurred to me though, as spring fast approaches and I’ll soon be setting them up again, do cat repellents affect hedgehogs?

Emily, Kent UK

So, here I take a deep dive into what implications these repellents have on other animals such as hedgehogs? We’ll take a look at ultrasonic cat repellers and cat repellent sprays in relation to hedgehogs, as well as how you can stop cats getting into your hedgehog house without harming any of these animals.

Ultrasonic Cat Repellents and Hedgehogs

do cat repellents affect hedgehogs?

Ultrasonic cat deterrents emit high-frequency sound waves to deter cats from entering an area in your garden. These sounds, which are inaudible to humans, cause discomfort for a cat and encourage them to leave the vicinity.

How Do Ultrasonic Cat Repellents Work?

These cat scarers use sound waves above 20 kHz (20,000 Hertz) that cannot be heard by humans but can be heard by your local cats. When a cat approaches within range of the device’s movement sensor, it emits a short burst of ultrasonic noise designed to startle or frighten away the animal.

This noise is usually accompanied by a flashing light for added effect. The combination of sound and light encourages it to move away from the area quickly without harming them in any way.

Do Ultrasonic Cat Repellents Affect Hedgehogs?

Fortunately, hedgehogs do not have sensitive enough hearing organs to pick up on ultrasonic frequencies used in these types of cat repellent devices; therefore they should not experience any adverse effects when these devices are used near them.

Ultrasonic cat deterrents can be a viable option to deter cats from gardens and no, they don’t effect hedgehogs.

Recap: Ultrasonic cat repellents are an effective and humane way to keep cats away from your garden, without affecting nearby hedgehogs. The sound waves emitted by the devices startle cats but don’t disturb other animals like garden birds or small mammals, so they can be used safely near them.

Cat Repellent Sprays and Hedgehogs

Cat repellent sprays are a popular way to keep cats out of gardens and other areas. They work by releasing an unpleasant odor that cats find offensive, thus deterring them from entering the area.

What are Cat Repellent Sprays?

Cat repellent sprays typically contain essential oils such as citronella or lemongrass oil, which emit a strong scent when sprayed onto surfaces like plants or furniture. The smell is intended to be unpleasant for cats, discouraging them from entering the area where the spray has been applied.

Do Cat Repellent Sprays Affect Hedgehogs?

While cat repellents may help keep felines away from your garden, they could also have adverse effects on hedgehogs if used incorrectly. As with any product containing essential oils, there is always the potential for skin irritation when exposed to fur or eyes. This could result in distress and even lead to infection in some cases. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using cat repellent sprays in and around hog habitats whenever possible.

Fortunately, there are several alternatives available for keeping cats away from your garden without risking harm to local wildlife populations like hedgehogs.

For instance, motion-activated sprinklers can be set up in strategic locations throughout your yard; these will startle intruding felines with short sudden bursts of water every time they enter the designated area.

Physical obstructions, e.g., cat proof fencing or chicken wire around vulnerable vegetation and bushes, can also be employed to keep cats away; cats don’t like chicken wire and won’t climb it.

Recap: Cat repellent sprays could be a possible solution to deter the local moggies from your garden, but if misused they can cause skin problems for hedgehogs. It’s best to use alternative methods such as motion-activated sprinklers or physical barriers in order to protect local wildlife populations.

Keeping Cats Out of Your Hedgehog House

Cats tend to be wary of hedgehogs
Cats tend to be wary of hedgehogs

Keeping cats out of your hedgehog house can be a challenge, but with the right strategies, it’s possible to keep even a clever cat away from your hedgehog’s home.

Most cats are wary of hedgehogs thanks to their spikes and will usually give them a wide berth and go after other wildlife which is easier prey such as rodents and birds.

They may be tempted by any food you have put out for the hedgehog though. Whilst the hogs will eat cat food it’s best not to put it in their feeding dish as it will attract any hungry feral or neighborhood cats in the area.

You can buy hedgehog food online which is usually made up of protein pellets and dried mealworms.

To keep cats away from your hedgehog house, physical barriers such as fences or chicken wire should be used along with motion-activated ultrasonic cat deterrents and sprinklers. Cats hate chicken wire and won’t climb or walk on it so it makes for a quick and easy cat deterrent.

hedgehog house protected by chicken wire laid over the top
hedgehog house protected by chicken wire laid over the top

Natural solutions include planting strong-smelling plants like Coleus Canina, Rosemary and other plants to deter cats around the perimeter of your yard to act as a cat repellent.

Furthermore, make sure all trash cans are securely closed and covered so that stray cats won’t be tempted by their contents – this will help ensure you don’t have any unwanted visitors through the night.


When attempting to keep cats out of your garden or home, it is important to consider the possible impacts that cat repellents may have on hedgehogs and other local wildlife.

Do cat repellents affect hedgehogs? Ultrasonic cat repellers can be effective in deterring cats from entering certain areas without having a negative effect on hedgehogs while cat repellent sprays may be harmful to them so are best avoided.

Take proactive steps to keep cats from your yard but make sure you provide a safe environment for any hedgehog who’s making use of your hedgehog house.

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