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cat for indoor cats

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Cat Food: An Essential Guide

As a cat owner, you might be wondering about the difference between indoor and outdoor cat food. It’s important to provide the right nutrition for your indoor cat and in this article we will discuss the main differences between both cat foods, such as calorie and protein content. We’ll also explore the nutritional requirements of…

caring for indoor cats

Caring for Indoor Cats: Keeping Them Happy and Healthy

Are you considering keeping your pet cat indoors? It’s a fast growing option among cat owners, but there are some important things to consider. Indoor cats need more than just food and water – they require love, attention, stimulation and physical exercise in order to stay healthy. But is that enough and how can we…

hoont cobra animal repeller

Keep Your Garden Cat Free With The Hoont Cobra Animal Repeller

The Hoont Cobra Animal Repeller is said to be the ultimate solution for keeping unwanted cats and other pests away from your property. Here I put it to the test so read on to find out how it performed in my garden. There are plenty of these water blaster cat repellers on the market. Back…

why an indoor cat is always safer than a stray or roaming pet

Why an Indoor Cat is a Safe Cat : Ultimate Guide

The outdoor Vs indoor cat debate has raged for decades but according to the Guardian 75% of cat owners in the US now keep their cat indoors (up from 30% in the mid 1990’s) whilst in the UK and EU its the opposite with only 30% no longer allowing their pet cat to roam freely. Yet, by…

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Persian Cat Lifespan

Persian Cat Lifespan: Unraveling the Secrets to a Long Life

If you’re interested in Persian cats, one of the questions that might come to your mind (after you have discovered how much they cost) is about their lifespan. The Persian cat lifespan ranges between 12 and 17 years. This affectionate cats tend to have a long and healthy life, making them great companions for pet…

How To Brush Cats Teeth

How to Brush Cats Teeth: A Simple Guide for Happy Smiles

Maintaining your cat’s dental health is essential for their overall well-being, and brushing their teeth can play a crucial role in this process. Dental plaque and tartar buildup can lead to various issues ranging from bad breath to severe oral infections. A simple yet effective routine can go a long way, so let’s dive into…

How To Give Apple Cider Vinegar To Cats

How to Give Apple Cider Vinegar to Cats And Promote a Healthy Digestive Tract

Apple cider vinegar has gained popularity as a natural remedy for various health issues, and its benefits extend to our feline friends too. When used appropriately, apple cider vinegar can aid in maintaining a cat’s overall health and wellness. How to give apple cider vinegar to cats: One of the best ways to administer apple…

How To Make Catnip Spray

How to Make Catnip Spray: Hilariously Irresistible Feline Bliss Hack

Catnip spray can be a game-changer for feline enthusiasts in search of a fun, safe way to engage their fur-covered family members. One might wonder, “What sorcery is this, and will someone please tell me how to make catnip spray at home?” Fear not, for this article shall guide curious pet parents through the delightful…

Why Does My Siberian Cat Meow So Much?

Why Does My Siberian Cat Meow So Much?

Siberian cats are known for their majestic beauty and friendly nature. However, some owners may notice that their feline friend is meowing excessively and wonder what might be causing this behavior. There are various reasons why a Siberian cat may meow so much – ranging from seeking attention to signaling a health issue. Understanding the…

How To Stop Free Feeding Cats

How to Stop Free Feeding Cats: Effective Tips for a Healthier Feline Friend

Many cat owners have embraced the concept of free feeding, believing it keeps their feline friends content with a constant supply of food. However, recent studies have shown that this method can lead to overweight and unhealthy cats. Learning how to stop free feeding cats allows owners to monitor their pet’s food intake better, thereby…