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Playing with indoor pet cats can be a rewarding experience for both you and your feline friend. It is important though to understand the types of play that cats enjoy, how much playtime they need, as well as safety tips so that everyone involved has an enjoyable time.

Through interactive activities such as chasing toys or engaging in scratching posts, there are plenty of ways to keep your indoor cat entertained while providing them with mental stimulation and exercise.

In this article we’ll explore what kind of games cats like to play, what toys they prefer, plus advice on how much is too much when it comes to playtime.

Keeping your cat happy

play with cat

It is important to remember that most cats need playtime just like humans do. Here are some benefits of playing with your cat, the types of toys to use, and how much playtime is recommended for cats.

Benefits of Playing With Cat:

Playing with your indoor cat has many benefits such as helping them stay active, providing mental stimulation, reducing stress levels, improving their moods and behavior, strengthening the bond between you and your pet, and keeping them from getting bored or lonely when you’re away.

Types of Toys Cats Love:

There are many different types of cat’s toys available including for interactive play such as

  • laser pointers or wand toys

  • puzzle toys which require problem-solving skills

  • cat trees

  • scratching post

  • Cardboard box for hiding in

  • Cat wheels

  • strings attached to sticks that mimic prey animals like mice or birds.

  • catnip toys are a big favourite, soft bite resistant toys filled with catnip

You will soon discover which are your cat’s favorite toys.

The amount of playtime needed depends on the individual cat but generally speaking most cats should get at least a couple of 15 minutes sessions spread throughout the day if possible.

This will help keep adult cats physically fit while also providing mental stimulation, which helps reduce boredom-related cat behavior like excessive meowing or destructive scratching habits.

If you have more than one cat you should encourage social play as well as ensure all of your cats get to play with you.

Playing with your cat can be a great way to bond and provide mental stimulation, so make sure you set aside some time each day for fun activities. Next, let’s look at the different types of games cats enjoy playing.

Games Cats Love Playing

Interactive Playing With Cat:

Interactive games with your cat is a great way to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. This type of play involves you interacting directly with your cat, such as fetch or hide-and-seek.

You can also use toys like laser pointers, wand toys and toy mice to get your cat moving around the house. Be sure to reward them with treats when they do something correctly so that they know what behavior you are looking for.

Hunting and Chasing Play for Cats:

Hunting and chasing games are perfect for cats who love the thrill of the chase. Try using a ping pong ball or stuffed animals that move quickly across the floor, encouraging your cat to pounce on it.

You can also create an obstacle course with cardboard boxes in which they have to jump over objects or crawl through tunnels in order to reach their goal. This type of game will help build up their agility while providing plenty of fun along the way.

Coming up with creative ways to play with your cat can be a great way to bond and provide exercise. Just remember to use appropriate cat toys and supervise playtime for young kittens or senior cats.

Next, let’s look at some safety tips for when you play with your cat.

playtime for cat in a box

Safety Tips When Playing With Your Cat

Supervise Playtime With Young Kittens or Senior Cats:

It is important to keep an eye on young kittens and senior cats when they are playing. These age groups can be more prone to accidents, so it’s best to supervise for their safety. You should also make sure that any toy used is appropriate for the cat’s age and size.

Avoid Rough Play With Your Cat:

While some cats may enjoy a bit of rough-and-tumble play, it is not recommended as this could lead to injury, especially with a kitten. Instead, focus on interactive games such as fetching or chasing after a toy mouse that your cat can catch with its paws instead of using its claws. This will help ensure your cat stays safe while having fun at the same time.

Make sure you use toys specifically designed for cats. Avoid using items like string which can become tangled around their necks or other body parts if they try to catch it midair. Additionally, remove any small objects from the area where you are playing as a cat may accidentally swallow them by mistake while running around excitedly.


Do cats like when you play with them?

Time spent with some play toys and a kitten will play a big part in the bond he forms with you as he grows while with older cats it helps keep them active and fit. Your cats will look forward to this time spent together so yes, cats do like you to play with them.

How much should you play with your cat?

15 minutes of play at a time is usually enough to keep a cat entertained but you should try to squeeze in at least a couple and if possible 3 or 4 of these sessions into the day. If you have many cats encourage social play between them for the times in the day you aren’t home.

What happens if you don’t play with your cat?

An indoor cat especially needs play to burn up their energy. Without play over a long period you may find he gets destructive around the house, scratching furniture etc Other behavioural issues could include inappropriate urination brought on by stress. If you don’t have time for a pet then please don’t take on the responsibility of owning one.


Cats enjoy playing games such as fetch, hide-and-seek, and chasing laser pointers. Be sure to use toys that are safe for cats and monitor play closely to ensure your cat is not getting too tired or overwhelmed. With the right kind of play, you can create a fun and loving environment for your feline friend while also strengthening the bond between you both!

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