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Are you having trouble keeping neighbourhood cats out of your garden? Have you tried every trick in the book to keep them away but nothing has worked so far? Cat deterrent spikes may be the answer.

As a humane way of deterring felines, cat spikes can provide an effective solution while also protecting gardens from further damage. Here, I’ll be discussing what cat spikes are and how they work, plus look at some alternatives if they don’t do the job for you. So let’s get started – it’s time to take back control over your garden with cat spikes!

Using cat spikes on a fence prevents cats walking along fences
Cat spikes on a fence can prevent cats gaining entry into your garden

What are Cat Spikes?

Cat spikes are a type of physical deterrent used to keep cats away from certain areas. They come in two main types: fence & wall spikes and garden spikes.

Fence spikes are designed to be installed along the top of fences and boundary walls, while garden spikes (AKA cat scat mats) can be placed directly on the ground and around plants, trees and other objects that cats may try to climb on.

Anti Cat Fence Spikes 

A long strip of strong polypropylene around 2″ wide with sharp points ranging from 2″ to 4″ that can be attached to the top of a fence using screws, glue or nails. The sharp points prevent cats from walking on or climbing over the fence.

In some countries these are made with stainless steel (including the spikes) to act as both a cat barrier and to prevent birds sitting on the wall or fence. These are much sharper than the polypropylene spikes and are illegal in the UK.

Cat Deterrent Scat Mats

Cat scat mats are an effective and humane way to keep cats out of gardens or away from furniture. Rather than a strip this is a mat made with a polypropylene mesh that is covered in small 1″ soft spikes. When a cat steps on the mat, the spikes are uncomfortable without causing any harm.

Recap: Cat spikes are an effective physical deterrent to keep cats away from certain areas. They come in two main types: fence spikes and garden scat mat spikes, which can be attached to fences or installed directly into soil respectively. Both types have sharp points that make it difficult for cats to climb over and uncomfortable to stand or walk.

How to Install Cat Spikes

Installing Fence Spikes

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Froboo Wall and Fence Spikes

Spike deterrent to stop cats and birds sitting on your fence - Over 14 foot per box (5 metres).

Froboo plastic cat spikes are designed to be uncomfortable rather than dangerous to cats. The spikes have a blunt top and are not sharp enough to harm or pierce the cats paws but will prevent a cat from walking, jumping or sitting on your fence.

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Fence spikes are an effective way to keep cats from climbing over a fence and entering your garden. To install them, you will need either an external adhesive, an impact driver and screws or a hammer and nails and of course, the cat spikes themselves.

Start by measuring the length of your fence so you know how many spike strips you need to purchase.

Then attach each spike securely into place using your chosen method. Alternatively, if you are fixing to a wall or concrete coping stones, a good quality external adhesive such as Gorilla glue will hold them in place.

Once all of the spikes have been installed, test them out by running your hand along their length to make sure they are secure.

Installing Cat Deterrent Scat Mats

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Hmyomina Cat Scat Mat with Spikes
$30.99 ($15.50 / Count)

2 lengths at just over 8ft each and 1ft wide

This cat deterrent mat can be easily cut and installed anywhere. Place in the ground, on shed roofs, around trees to prevent climbing etc.

Keep cats away from flower beds and vegetable patches with this cat scat mat. Just cut to the length required.

Includes 8 long staples for fixing into the ground.

More info
I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/09/2024 10:11 pm GMT

I like to place my scat mats where required and then sprinkle top soil over the mat so they are less conspicuous.

They can be easily cut into shapes so you can place them in any awkward places you need to protect. Most come with large staples so you can pin them down. Ideal if the visiting cats like to dig in your yard.

You might also find them useful for keeping cats off your outdoor furniture.

Cat spikes are a great way to keep cats out of your yard but it’s important to consider the pros and cons before deciding if they’re right for you. 

Do Cat Spikes Work?

Cat spikes are a popular and cost effective way to deter cats from entering your yard. They are designed to be uncomfortable for a cats paws, discouraging them from jumping onto fences and other surfaces. Both the strip and the cones are made from Polypropylene meaning they are strong, unnafected by weather and will last for years.

But do cat spikes really work?

{Cat spikes can be an effective deterrent against neighbourhood cats entering your yard. Studies have shown that when properly installed, they can reduce the number of cats entering the protected area by up to 90%. This is especially useful if you’re trying to keep feral cats away from your property. In addition, cat spikes are easy to install on most surfaces.}

While installation is fairly straightforward, depending on the size of the area that needs protection with cat spike barriers, this method could become quite costly.

Cat spikes may be an effective way to keep cats out of your property and are particularly good at preventing them from digging up your seedlings but there are other alternatives available. In the next section, we’ll cover other deterrents that can help protect your yard from neighbourhood cats.

Alternatives Cat Deterrents

In addition to cat scat mats and fence spikes, there are other deterrents available for keeping cats away. Motion-activated sprinklers detect movement and spray water when triggered by a passing animal such as a cat; this startles them enough so they stay away but does not cause any harm.

Ultrasonic cat scarers emit high-frequency sounds that only animals can hear; these noises will scare off many cats without disturbing humans nearby although these are less effective against older cats due to hearing loss.

You could also try using citrus peels or coffee grounds as natural repellents; many felines dislike their strong smells and won’t come near where they’re scattered around your garden beds or furniture legs.


Can you put cat spikes on your fence?

Yes, cat spikes can be used to deter cats from entering your garden. They are a humane way of preventing cats from climbing over fences and walls as the spikes are blunt and do not cause any harm.

However, it is important to ensure that the spikes are installed correctly so they remain effective in keeping cats out while also being safe for other animals.

What are cat scat mats?

Cat scat mats are a type of deterrent designed to keep cats away from certain areas. They consist of a flexible plastic mat with spikes or bristles that make it uncomfortable for cats to walk on. The mats can be placed around the perimeter of your garden, along fence lines, or even on window sills to discourage cats from entering an area.

Cat owners often use cat scat mats for keeping indoor cats away from furniture and other areas they shouldn’t go. When used properly, these mats can help keep indoor cats safe while still allowing them their freedom.

Is there a cat deterrent spray?

Yes, there are cat deterrent sprays available on the market. These sprays contain natural ingredients that cats find unpleasant, such as citrus or peppermint oil. Spraying these around your garden can help keep cats away from areas you don’t want them to enter.

However, outdoors an odour doesn’t hang around for long so this is a temporary form of pest control.


Cat spikes are an effective way to keep cats away from your garden and fences. They can be easily installed with minimal effort and provide a long-term solution for keeping cats out of your yard.

Ultimately, the best option is up to you depending on what works best in your situation. No matter which method you choose, using cat spikes or other deterrents will help protect your garden from neighbourhood cats without harming them.

Are you tired of neighbourhood cats invading your garden and scratching up your plants? Are you concerned about the health and safety of an indoor cat that needs a safe place to play, explore, or just relax?

Invest in some humane cat spikes for outdoor use. These can be installed on fences or walls to deter cats from entering your garden.

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