Defenders Mega Sonic Cat Repeller Review

Product Name:Mega Sonic Cat Repeller
Value for money:3/5
Ease of use:4/5
Build Quality:3.5/5
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The Mega Sonic cat repeller by Defenders was the first of the motion detector type cat deterrents I purchased. Rightly or wrongly I assumed that spending £20 on a problem would fix it but it doesn’t quite work out like that, not at first anyway.


The model I purchased was the STV610 and I got it from Amazon for just under £17 (RRP is £35). I could have purchased a mains adaptor for another tenner but decided against as I had plenty of rechargeable batteries so thought I would put them to use instead.


The Mega Sonic cat repeller is finished in a deep green colour and blends in well if you don’t use the supplied silver stand. I fixed mine to a decking post at the top of some steps regularly used by visiting cats.


The instructions said the batteries should last up to 2 months in normal use. I found my rechargeable batteries lasted about 2  weeks. I tried Duracell and got 4 weeks out of them.


The Mega Sonic cat repeller claims to use a “sophisticated passive infra red detection system which constantly monitors a fan shaped area of a 98 degree arc covering a range of around 120 square metres.”


If movement is detected within that area it lets out a burst of noise undetectable to us but audible to cats.


First off, that 120 metres cannot be adjusted so any plants that are within its detection range are going to set it off as they sway in the breeze. As my garden is not huge I could not find anywhere I could put it that did not have either my own plants or my neighbours bushes and hedging in its range.


Does it work?


Apart from one cat that looked to be getting on in years so his hearing was probably on the way out, it seemed to be effective after a few weeks and to be fair the instructions do say that it can take from 2 weeks to a month to completely work on your local cat population.


I found though that after about a month, one or two of the local cats had got used to it and started ignoring the noise. Some of the braver ones by this time had even started to approach it and see what the fuss was about.


As I was limited to where I could put it this was a problem but I do believe if the garden was larger and I was able to periodically move it around to keep the cats on their toes, the Mega-Sonic would have been an excellent solution.


If you buy this cat repeller and have got a mains socket in the garden, get the adapter and forget using the batteries. If you go away for a fortnight or forget to change them, it is not going to be working and you will be back to where you started by the time you get back.



  • May not be suitable for small gardens
  • cannot lower range
  • Gobbles batteries if it keeps activating



  • Mains adaptor is available – get it
  • Cannot be heard by humans or birds
  • 2 year warranty
  • The top selling cat deterrent in the UK


Consumer Reviews


At the time of writing there are over 2300 consumer reviews for this particular cat repeller on Amazon with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5

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  • shannon says:

    I purchased this cat repeller and put by my pond. My two cats just sat in front of it !

  • margreth says:

    My neighbours put this in the garden because of my cats; no problem. But a few weeks ago every two minutes (while there was no cat in the garden) was making a horrible sound, the whole day long. It made me so furious! This morning I heard the sound again. And pretty loud, not that you only hear it if the cat walks by. I don’t know if the houseguard put it on, but my neighbours are on holiday. I grabbed it out of their garden and put it in my pound. Unfortunately it went on and on. Now I took the batteries off. So, this stuff is good food for a fight between neighbours. Thanx!

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