ZMMQCJ Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

4.0 rating

For those who don’t like the idea of forking out for batteries every other month but don’t have an external power outlet to use the optional power adaptor often sold as an upgrade with these devices then a solar powered cat scarer such as this ultrasonic pest repeller could well be the way to go.

Of course, you’re going to need to place it where it gets plenty of light so under a tree or against the fence is probably not going to provide the power it needs. As with all commercial animal deterrents you will have to give some thought to its suitability to your particular garden.

The Solar powered ultrasonic pest repeller from the curiously named ZMMQCJ will set you back about £33 so it isn’t cheap when compared to other sonic cat deterrents but once you factor in the savings you will make on the batteries then it actually works out to be very reasonable.

It appears to be well made and comes with manual frequency adjustment which means you can target specific animals so even without the solar power, it is a cut above the cheaper gadgets being sold.

The ultrasonic sound it bursts out can be set at frequencies to specifically target cats, dogs, foxes, mice and rats and even deer. This could be particularly useful if you or a neighbour have a dog that is effected by other animal audible deterrents as you can set it to be heard by cats only.

It can be wall mounted with the included plugs and screws or fixed into the ground with the stake that is also included.

You need to fully charge the device before using it by leaving it switched off and sat in direct sunlight for a day. Once charged though, you can set it up and forget it as long as it is receiving some direct light for at least part of the day.

I should point out in the interests of transparency that I didn’t actually purchase and try the Solar powered ultrasonic pest repeller but I did source it for an old friend who didn’t have an outside power supply and I had recommended he not buy an audible deterrent without one because of how fast they get through batteries.

Although the cost of batteries was one concern, the main reason I went for solar power was because he is getting on a bit and I would expect to have to remind him every month to change them or the device would stop working.

His garden was only about 4 metres by 5 metres so a jet sprayer such as the highly recommended Scarecrow would have been overkill and would run the risk of soaking the neighbours. A solar powered cat scarer seemed the ideal solution for him and so it proved.

Does It Work

He reported back to me saying he was extremely satisfied with it and he had witnessed cats several times setting it off and jumping clear over the fence in a single leap.

The last time I visited I noticed there was some water ingress. It had been left in position over the winter and water probably sat on the top and caused the seal to perish.

I sealed it up with some clear silicone and put it back in position. The owner reports he’s had no problem with cats since he got it.


  • Needs to be positioned in a sunny spot
  • Limited range – ideally suited to smaller gardens
  • Might not be effective in the darker winter months


  • No batteries required
  • Frequency can be adjusted to deter dogs, foxes, vermin etc. as well as cats
  • Can be wall mounted or ground fixed


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