Cat Watch Ultrasonic Deterrent Review

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Updated on 16th August 2019 to say that the Cat Watch ultrasonic deterrent is in its 4th Summer and is still going strong.

The first thing to say about this CAT Watch ultrasonic deterrent review is that having now owned and tested the device for 3 years, I have updated much of what I originally wrote after the initial trial period.

The second thing to say is that it is the dearest of these type of cat scarers on the market which is probably why I was put off buying it for so long in the first place.

Of all of the ultrasonic cat deterrents I tested, this was the only one that I was able to leave in its original position. The cats soon became accustomed to Defenders Mega Sonic Cat Repeller and others I tested and several would just ignore the devices after a month or so unless I kept moving it around to keep them on their toes.

The CAT Watch ultrasonic deterrent though is in its original spot 3 years later and still keeps them out.

CATwatch at work

This photo shows one of my problem areas. The garden sloped dramatically in this corner which is why I put in a raised deck. The fence at the bottom of the garden is 1.8 metres high looking at it from the other side. It has trees overhanging which made this corner a favourite point for cats to enter our garden.

In the picture you can see I placed the CATwatch ultrasonic deterrent on the deck post near the steps that lead up onto the main decking area and on to the rest of the garden.

In that picture you can also just about make out the lead for the mains adaptor which I highly recommend you get with the CATwatch if you have an external socket as not only does it mean you can just plug it in and forget, you also won’t have to worry about plants swaying in the wind constantly activating it and running down the batteries – a problem I had with other ultrasonic deterrents.

You can also see in the background that the deck has standard balustrading but I swapped it out in this corner for trellis so that any cat coming in at this point had to go up the two steps to get any further up the garden.

This means they have to go past the device when entering here. It also means that when it activates they would have to run towards the noise if they were determined to get into the rest of the garden.

Does The Cat Watch Ultrasonic Deterrent Work?

It works extremely well – and is perfect for problem areas where a water spraying deterrent wouldn’t be practical, such as in a corner where I have mine permanently set up. You don’t want to be spraying your neighbours instead of their cats!

I would estimate 9 out of 10 cats that drop down onto this corner deck and trigger the device will instantly jump back onto the fence and disappear on the other side.

Like most of us, cats can lose their hearing range as they get older so while CatWatch is never going to work on all cats, its success rate is higher than other ultrasonic deterrents I have tested and is only second to the Contech Scarecrow in terms of success.

About the best thing I can say about the Cat Watch Ultrasonic Deterrent is that if mine were to stop working due to its age, damage or whatever, I would instantly order a new one. It has lasted over 3 years and has permanently solved one of my most problem areas.


  • It’s not exactly cheap but you get what you pay for
  • Like all ultrasonic deterrents, it won’t work on older cats


  • It works extremely well
  • Perfect for spots near a boundary or along a track used by cats
  • The only cat deterrent approved by the RSPB
  • We can’t hear it
  • Its totally weather proof and still going strong after 3 years
  • Mains adaptor available – just plug in, position and forget
  • It is extremely well made and comes with a full 2 year guarantee.

50% of buyers who left a review gave the CatWatch Ultrasonic Deterrent top marks. I’m going to be harsh and give it 4.5 out of 5 simply because – unlike a water based cat deterrent – it cannot have an 100% success rate.


A retired engineer, nowadays I spend my time gardening, reading and writing here at Cats Away

3 thoughts on “Cat Watch Ultrasonic Deterrent Review

  1. Hi Bob. I am interested in the CatWatch after hearing your review. Can you tell me if it deters birds as well. I am wanting the cat deterant because my neighbors cats are killing all of the birds in my yard.

  2. Thank you for your web site Bob, very informative and I am going to try some of the things, chicken wire and Cat Watch – I will let you know how I get on – might be a while as we are having neccesary works done (drains/oil pipe) Wish us luck! With a view to creating our first garden afterwards. Needless to say we do have a neighbours cat/s using the garden as a toilet, very unpleasant to say the least. Thanks again for putting this out there – it’s nice someone understands and I think you are very fair on cats and cat owners, Sarah

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