PestBye Cat Repeller Review

Product Name:Battery Operated Cat Repeller
Value for money:4
Ease of use:4
Build Quality:4
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This is a review of the set of two Pestbye battery operated cat repellers. Although it is available as a single unit, the double pack was only £10 more than the single so I went for the two pack option.


The first thing that you notice about this Pestbye cat scarer is its size. I’ve included my coffee and shades in the photo so you can see just how small it is.

pestbye battery operated cat repellers

They are the smallest motion detector type cat repeller I have tested so far. Very compact and square shaped rather than the tall cylinder design other manufacturers favour, they are ideal for hiding away on the back of a post or by the side of your lawn via the supplied metal stake.

First Impressions

Below is a quick ‘what’s in the box’ video I made for anyone interested.

Setting Up

The downside to the small size of the Pestbye unit was fitting the plate that covers the battery compartment at the back of the device. It is held in place by 4 very small cross head screws and they are tiny enough to be considered fiddly.

They also take some screwing in the first time due to the tightness.back of pestbye cat repellerI assume the pre-drilled holes are much smaller than the screws to ensure a good water tight seal. Be aware, you will need a good quality small cross head screwdriver to drive them home and the 2 nuts and bolts that hold the metal spike in place are no less fiddly than the screws.

The up side to this is that the backing plate seems to be good and tight thanks to the rubber seal that is on the inside of it so water ingress should not be a problem.

Pestbye Frequency Settings



A unique feature for a cat repeller in this price bracket is the frequency adjustment dial on the front. What I really like about this is that if it doesn’t appear to be working on the cat doing its business in your garden you can adjust the frequency until it does have an effect.


Like us, a cats hearing range diminishes with age so all is not lost with the Pestbye cat repeller if it first appears to be not working. The manufacturer says a frequency setting of 3, 4 or 5 is best for cats but I found 5 was most successful.


The other dial allows you to adjust the sensitivity. The maximum range of the infra red motion sensor is supposed to be 7 metres but in my tests it was more like 10. The lowest range I could get it set to was just under 4 metres but that was with me waiving my arm at it. A cat in stealth mode may well produce other results.

So does the Pestbye Cat Repeller actually scare cats?


After the disappointment I had with the PestBye Jet Spray Repeller I wasn’t expecting much from this offering from the same manufacturer. I’m pleased to report though that I was pleasantly surprised at both the build quality and the performance of this device.


I’ve only had them set up for around a week so I don’t yet know if I will have to periodically move them around so cats don’t become complacent as I had to with the Mega-Sonic but so far they have performed excellently.


Whenever I’m testing a new cat repeller I always switch off my trusted Contech Scarecrow and Catwatch Ultrasonic Deterrent and unlike some of the other tests I’ve done, on this occasion there has been no cat poop left during the night.


At just under £25 for the 2 pack option it offers great value for money and is ideal for those with a problem in both the front and back garden or for those with a larger area to try and protect.


The size and shape means that they are very unobtrusive, again ideal for those wanting to protect a front garden where a more obvious device may upset your cat owning neighbour.


  • Fiddly to set up
  • Each unit requires 4 AA batteries
  • No mains power option (get some rechargeable batteries)


  • Excellent value for money
  • Seems well made and durable – should give several years service
  • Adjustable frequency enables you to fine tune
  • Small and unobtrusive

Customer Reviews

There are over 2000 consumer reviews left by buyers of the Pestbye cat repeller with around half giving it full marks of 5 out of 5. In all just over 75% give it a rating of 4 or better. You can read those reviews by clicking here.


For more information on the single unit click here or for the set of 2 repellers click here.

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  • Les says:

    It did not work for me

  • Micheal buflin says:

    I recently bought this product. The cats are still in my garden. How do I know if it’s working? I don’t hear any noise from it and there is no light from the sensor. I bought new batteries and I still have no light from the sensor

  • JOHN GIBSON says:

    Every day after picking up cat mess 3 to 4 times a day in my front garden I purchased 2 to try . i have to say in the last 12 month of use i have only had one cat mess to pick up in the front garden turns out it was my fault batteries were running low.Some cats . Persian CATS I THINK are not affected by cat deterrents. I now have 4 in total to protect my bird feeding station in back garden no cats killing birds now.Good value for money.

  • H Crick says:

    I’ve had exactly the same. Not just one set of battery changes, but three and still the sensor light doesn’t come on or any sound. This is the third ultrasonic cat deterrent I’ve purchased of different makes and none seem to last more than a year. Pity, as when they do work, they are very effective.

  • sharyn khan says:

    Absolutely incredible i cannot believe what people write about
    It is Not the cats fault its the fault of irresponsible humans who do not neuter or microchip and then just turf the cat out.
    I have my own indoor cat he’s a Maine Coon and I do not trust certain sections of humans who would probably hurt him. We have numerous cats who visit us some lovely some not, but under no circumstances would I blame the cat they do not understand we should not humanize animals.
    Yes I understand that some cats are a nuisance especially when it comes to birds and I too try my best to prevent them catching birds.
    I am ashamed to be human at times especially when I read such negative comments about cats and other animals.

    • Linda Kroening says:

      Actually, I am a cat lover, and I seek such deterrents in order to keep my OWN cat away from our neighbors killer dog (which killed our last cat) so I’m grateful for any ideas to put along our bordering fence line. Deterrant plants seem a great idea too.

  • D Writer says:

    How does the sensitivity dial work? Is the idea that the more you increase it the more effective it is?

  • Kevin says:

    Just bought two of these & would like to know how you know when the batteries have run out. I know the obvious, when you see lots of poop over your garden but their must be another way

  • Paul says:

    I just ordered the twin pack & when I informed the family it started a verbal scrap that would in it’s self scare many cats away.
    One family member says that a house on our street has a device like this & when he passes the gate he can hear it.
    I tried to assure him that the device may not be setup correctly & that they can be adjusted but this didn’t help the situation.
    We have both stuck to our guns & now I’m waiting for the postman to deliver the items so I can set them up in the garden.
    In your experience is it common that humans can hear the sound emitted from these devices?

    • Bob says:

      We lose the ability to hear higher pitch sounds as we get older so it depends on your age. My 2 youngsters can here several of my devices but I’ve never had an adult say they can.

  • shirley white says:

    how will i know when the batteries run out ?

  • Tony kings says:

    I have just bought 3 pestbye’s
    I think there ought to be some setting recommended for cats?

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